How I Conquered Multiple 100 Hour Weeks In A Row

It was another 100-hour work week. In fact, it was the 5th one like it in a row. I didn’t think it was possible before I did it. How could it be? At a 60-80 hour work week, you sacrifice the extras. You sacrifice things like social engagements, lunch hour, TV, and weekends. At an […]

The Real World Tradeoff Of Internet B.S.

I had always worked 60 hour weeks. But I wanted to do more, so I started working 80 hour weeks. It felt sexy and self-righteous to cut out weekends and social events. I was beating everyone. And that’s when I decided I wanted to push 100 hour weeks. Let me explain something really important about […]

What Is Productivity Overhead?

Just like a business’ overhead (the costs needed to cover salaries, rent, the electric bill, etc. etc.) . . . . . . your productivity has overhead. You need to sleep, eat, exercise, play, be social, etc. etc. You will almost never get a productive output during those actions–but we can agree that they’re important […]