You Might Be Delusional, Here’s How

Have you ever heard “if you can believe than you can achieve?” How about “if you can dream it you can do it?” In these cases, belief is actually just a combination of trust and visibility. Let me explain: Trust is the reputation you have with yourself for executing things. If you have executed, followed […]

There’s No Secret To Waking Up Motivated–But This Gets Me Close

“Motivation doesn’t last. Neither does a shower.” – Zig Ziglar 2 quick ways to kill motivation? Obligation and guilt. Do it because you care. Do it because you want to. That’s way more powerful. And it turns out, it’s way more sustainable. The only trick is that you’ll need to remind yourself that you care. […]

How To Do Anything You Want

There are no tasks, there are only stories. This concept is directly from Jeff Sutherland, one of the creators of Scrum (Agile). Here’s the idea: a “user story” is a way to describe the problem a user (or customer) faces. It’s formatted like this: As a < type of user >, I want < some […]