How Being Unsexy Helps

The thing about this post is that it’s just one post. It’s a small piece of a whole commitment to posting everyday. It won’t save the world. It won’t make you (or me) rich. It won’t change anyone’s life. Well, probably not. What’s more likely is that by chipping away slowly, over time, a more […]

How To Fuel Your Motivation

There’s something special that happens when things go right. It happens when you see the magic happen in front of you and you realize that this couldn’t have happened the same way without your effort. And the tricky thing is that it’s super easy to just move straight through it without taking the time to […]

3 Small Reminders That Will Make You Relentless

It’s easy to be incapacitated by the hugeness of your dreams. Its just as easy to be incapacitated by the lack of huge dreams. If you’re serious about achieving your goal, you have to take a step back and clarify a few things: 1. Define the fantasy Are you really sure that starting a non-profit […]