Read This If You Think You Should Follow Your Heart

At some point, you were probably told “follow your heart and the money will follow.” Please take a second to file this under “well-intentioned, bad advice.” Just because you love making scrabble jewelry doesn’t mean it’s something that can earn you a living making. It’s not your fault. It’s not the scrabble jewelry’s fault. What […]

This Is Your Business

I post this every year because it’s important. I don’t really see a future where I’m not thinking about it. When you’re all finished with Christmas movies and presents and throwing away all that wrapping paper, and when you finally go back to work after the holidays . . . Remember why you’re working on […]

Why You Should Ask Yourself This Question 5 Times

Why are you doing all of this work? Why is that? And so why would that be? Why might you think that? Why¬†again? Seems ridiculous to ask yourself “why?” five times, but understanding the WHY behind your work is important. Sure, you don’t need a great “why” to make money or do the things you […]