This Choice You Make Will Shape Your Success And Happiness

You know what helps when work gets hard? The team of people around you. This is why we hire for aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit. It’s always a little easier to take failures on the chin when you have others sharing the burden or when they are there to get you back in the fighting […]

Read This If You Think It’s Too Late For You

I posted on Facebook a little while ago about what people wished they’d been taught in school. Among the most popular responses were: Personal Finance Mental Health Social Skills Regardless of whether or not any of these resonate with you, just think of something that DOES resonate with you. Bring that into focus right now. […]

An Old-school Trick To Stay Focused Through The Hard Stuff

You can probably name a pretty decent number of movies that show “perseverance,” “fortitude,” or “determination.” Most of these movies represent challenges and obstacles in really obvious ways so viewers can relate quickly. This means, adversity is usually represented in some physical way. Sports and war movies lend themselves very well to this model. The […]