The Secret Foundation Of Long-Term Success

“I know you’re getting a lot of emails about Black Friday, but this one is different . . . “ Do you know how many emails I got yesterday? Do you know how many of them started with a sentence like this? A lot. People judge books by their cover, Instagram feed, or email subject […]

You Think You’re Output Is High, But This Will Change Your Mind

I was talking to an old friend recently, who was explaining all of the things they did inside his organization. I run this . . . I manage that . . . I monitor these . . . He went on and on about all of his responsibilities. This list was impressive. After he had […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Time

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my projects. He caught me saying: “I’m spending this much time here, that much time there, and now I have no time left to do any of this other stuff that I want to do.” Yep. I said I didn’t have enough time. Ouch. That’s one of […]