It’s Easier To Stand Out Than You Think. Here’s How . . .

I had just come back from a career fair where I was recruiting for a project. I had a stack of fresh resumes in hand. Looking at all of them it was quickly clear that they all looked the same. But when I talked to my colleague, he said “Look! That one! I want that […]

How Not To Reinvent The Wheel

Someone probably already did the work. Whether you’re looking at mortgages, structuring your business, writing up a new contract, whatever it is . . . It’s 2018 and the internet is bigger than ever. Someone has probably done whatever it is you’re about to do before you even realized it was a problem. It’s worth […]

Your Privacy Is Very Important To Us

How many emails have you gotten like this in the past few weeks? They all sound the same, right? How about these familiar lines: Your call is important, please hold. We value your business. Thanks for shopping. These lines probably made consumers feel good the first time. No one else was saying it, so hearing […]