Give This Up And You Can Go After Anything You Want

Getting stuck is normal. Having “writer’s block” is normal. Not seeing the next step or the solution is normal. The hard part isn’t always thinking through the problem. The hard part is usually just starting to move in a direction that’s close. Once you’re moving, it’s harder for others to tell you why it won’t […]

There’s No Secret To Waking Up Motivated–But This Gets Me Close

“Motivation doesn’t last. Neither does a shower.” – Zig Ziglar 2 quick ways to kill motivation? Obligation and guilt. Do it because you care. Do it because you want to. That’s way more powerful. And it turns out, it’s way more sustainable. The only trick is that you’ll need to remind yourself that you care. […]

This Will Make You Confident And Optimistic

I was wrapping a bandana around my face in a dusty rural town in the southern part Oaxaca, Mexico. I had never driven an ATV before, but I was about to. I didn’t know how to shift gears, work the throttle, or position my weight. I didn’t know how much torque would buck me over […]