Give This Up And You Can Go After Anything You Want

Getting stuck is normal.

Having “writer’s block” is normal.

Not seeing the next step or the solution is normal.

The hard part isn’t always thinking through the problem.

The hard part is usually just starting to move in a direction that’s close.

Once you’re moving, it’s harder for others to tell you why it won’t work.

Once you’re moving, the game is just about adjusting the course to suit your mission.

Give up the idea that the trajectory has to look like what you think or want it to look like: because it will never look that way.

If you give up this idea or predetermined vision for what your path will look like, you can actually focus on what’s ahead and how to adapt.

2 Minute Action

Do sit-ups for 2 minutes.

Email your boss to tell them about the idea you have.

Write a blog post instead of the whole first chapter of your novel.

None of these things are huge or what people imagine themselves doing to move toward their goals, and that’s exactly the point.

Just 2 minutes can get the ball rolling, and that’s all you need.

Don’t get caught up on how you roll the ball, because that’s just an inconsequential distraction.

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