The Reason I’m Not Crazy For Loving Monday

Now, wait and hear me out . . . Monday is special because it does something no other day of the week does. It gives  you a fresh start. Even if you know you have a new start everyday, we all still feel how Monday is the psychological starting block for the week. Today is […]

Give This Up And You Can Go After Anything You Want

Getting stuck is normal. Having “writer’s block” is normal. Not seeing the next step or the solution is normal. The hard part isn’t always thinking through the problem. The hard part is usually just starting to move in a direction that’s close. Once you’re moving, it’s harder for others to tell you why it won’t […]

Don’t Quit Your Job. Here’s What You Do

What are you going to think about before you die? Did I create enough value for shareholders? Did I take enough time for myself? Did I work too hard for someone else? Probably not. You’ll probably be more concerned about how much time you spent working for someone else’s dream. If that thought doesn’t create […]