The Fastest Way To An Idea

The bar is low. Most people are boring, uncreative, and have a hard time thinking of others’ needs. But not you. You work harder than that. You can go out of your way to make someone feel welcome. You can go out of your way to stand out. You can go out of your way […]

Give This Up And You Can Go After Anything You Want

Getting stuck is normal. Having “writer’s block” is normal. Not seeing the next step or the solution is normal. The hard part isn’t always thinking through the problem. The hard part is usually just starting to move in a direction that’s close. Once you’re moving, it’s harder for others to tell you why it won’t […]

The Boring, Unsexy Thing That Gives People Confidence

This one isn’t a fun one. You know how these posts go, by now. Sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes it’s metaphorical, a lot of the time it’s reflective and a little of the time it’s hyper nitty-gritty detailed and tactical. No matter how the information gets out, it’s usually about doing more or increasing output. In general, […]