Why Messing Up Helps (It’s Not Because You Learn From Failure)

Yes, I make typos. Yep, I splice commas all over the place. Yeah, I end sentences with prepositions and incorrectly use the semi-colon. I’m not trying to be perfect, because a habit of perfectionism can consume a lot of time. I’m trying to get the point across quickly. I’m trying to do what’s essential and […]

This Secret Advantage Might Change Your Mind About Being Anxious

Dry mouth. Sweaty palms. Obsessive hair twirling. Anxious nailbiting. Have you ever felt this way while walking into an interview? Here’s the secret advantage that might change your mind: Interviewees have an interesting, mostly unseen advantage. The interviewer is sitting at the other end of the table thinking: “please, let this be the one.” The interviewer […]