Read This If You Need To Start

Why do we wait to get picked? Why does someone else have to choose us for their team? Why can’t we just start doing exactly what we want to do? The answer is that you don’t have to wait and you can start right now. Here’s a quick story as an example from my own […]

Ask This Question and Avoid A Life of Regret

Not sure whose job it is? Take the ball. Unsure how to get the work done? Take the ball. Waiting for someone to tell you to start? Take the ball. Basically, it comes down to control and ownership. If you decide to take ownership over something, it psychologically falls into your field of “stuff I […]

What To Do When Someone Wrongs You

Your options are: Roll over and suffer in silence. Avenge and suffer without resolving your long-term, internal pain. Act out and hurt proximal, innocent people instead of the perpetrator. Retaliate with proportionate punishment until they stop or change behavior. Take something valuable from them until they stop or apologize. Most of us can eliminate responses […]