One Word That Actually Means Something On Black Friday

This Black Friday, I want you to think about one word.


What’s enough to be happy?

What’s enough to get to the next step?

What’s enough to be done?

No matter whether it’s the material things in your life, the day-to-day tasks, or the people in your social support system—it’s up to you to decide what’s necessary.

2 Minute Action

What’s something in your life that costs time, headache, or money?

What might happen if it disappeared?

Sometimes you need to lose something before you see the value, and sometimes you need to lose it to see that you never really needed it at all.

Pick one thing in your life right now that is costing you something. Commit to eliminating it for a week.

Once you’ve felt the pain of not having it, you’ll know what your next move is.

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