Get Past The Whole “Less Is More” Thing . . .

Most things aren’t essential.

And we’re all accustomed to the idea that “less is more.”

And we all agree that “quality is better than quantity.”

And we are all aligned with the idea that we should “work smarter and not harder.”

But yet we revolve back to the idea of doing more, outputting more, and producing more–at least, I certainly do.

So what to do?


You can allocate 20% of your time (or less at first) to not “doing” things, but taking in new information, verbally processing your thoughts, or giving yourself space to think. The other 80% can still be allocated for good, old fashioned hard work.

Structured reflection time is valuable because it can help you zoom out, look at the big picture and remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

It affords you the time to observe your own narrative, question yourself, and refocus on what’s important to you in your current stage of life.

Working hard in one direction is no good if you find out it’s the wrong direction 20 years later.

2 Minute Action

Try a few of these quick methods to get out of the noisy, in-the-trenches work and recalibrate on what’s essential.


Write in a journal about what’s going on right now.

Plan a day-long (or longer) time to turn off your phone and draw out your current goals or visions for the future.

Mark off a regular time to read a helpful book or listen to a useful podcast.

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