[TOOL] This Unusual Conversation Totally Changed My Mind

I just wrote a post on Medium.

The title is:

The Counterintuitive Productivity Habit That Is Changing Lives

It’s a clickbait headline that draws attention because I believe in the content and what people will get from it

Anyway, I wanted to examine that post for a second, here on the blog.

The idea is mainly an extension of my post about the Death Bed Timer.

That’s the one where I talk about how I’ve estimated how many days, weeks, months, and years I’ve got left to live and how I check the countdown clock to re-establish a sense of urgency in my work.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life with regret.

I’d rather stare death in the face and be ready when it comes.

I’d also rather put the pressure on myself to act in accordance with my dreams instead of waiting until later in life to take action.

Anyway, the post goes on about the Age of Distraction—the name I use for the state of constant disruption that smartphone notifications and emails have put us in.

It then goes on to reveal something I usually don’t talk about: a thing.


A smartwatch.

Yeah, I talked with a couple founders about their product after they reached out to me.

Now listen, I get approached all the time by brands and products from people who really want to sell gsrbage—but these guys were different.

In fact, the whole conversation we had was about how they want to help people avoid regret and live their best life. We barely talked about the mechanics of the watch at all.

After hearing it from them firsthand, I decided I needed to look further and I was impressed.

The had basically, independently, taken my death-bed timer concept and turned it into a smartwatch.

Now, of course, it does more than just one thing, but you get the idea.

So naturally, I told them I would tell you about it.

Please check out their Kickstarter page to see if they still have watches available.

These guys raised over $10k in a day and hit their goal in under an hour.

I talked with them and we worked it out so that if you click this link you can get about a 40% discount on the retail price.

Not bad.

Just don’t wait to buy one later because these things are disappearing quick.

There are only a few remaining at this price and the deal ends in a few days.

This is a Kickstarter project and there are a limited number of these set for production.

Click here for EMIT availability.

Plus, if you have any issues with it in the first two years, they’ll send you a new watch!

I don’t think anyone else on Kickstarter has a guarantee like that.

Thought you might find this useful.

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