The Secret Foundation Of Long-Term Success

“I know you’re getting a lot of emails about Black Friday, but this one is different . . . “ Do you know how many emails I got yesterday? Do you know how many of them started with a sentence like this? A lot. People judge books by their cover, Instagram feed, or email subject […]

The Secret To Unbounded Confidence

As I’m writing this, I’m exhausted. I’m jet lagged, I’ve been traveling all day and all I want to do is sleep. I’d be lying if I said I was super pumped to write something inspiring and motivating today. Today just isn’t one of those days. But this is it! These are the days that […]

What Love and Respect Means In a Professional Setting

I respect and love you so much that I have to tell you the truth. There’s nothing else I can do other than give you my raw honesty. If I didn’t like you as much, it would be easier to sugar coat it and walk away. You’re not yourself. I don’t know what happened. The […]