How Being Unsexy Helps

The thing about this post is that it’s just one post. It’s a small piece of a whole commitment to posting everyday. It won’t save the world. It won’t make you (or me) rich. It won’t change anyone’s life. Well, probably not. What’s more likely is that by chipping away slowly, over time, a more […]

Are You Missing Out On The Unsexy Part of Your Work

We can probably agree that the sexy part of being a leader or a business owner or a doctor or an artist or a musician is not typically the whole job. There are early mornings, bad customers, emergency surgeries, writer’s blocks, budget cuts, and furloughs. There are many unsexy parts of work that matters but […]

How To Be Wrong 98% of The Time And Still Be Right

The Moon Landing The computer that directs the space shuttle to the moon does two things: inspect and adapt. If the ship is a little off-course, it adjusts the trajectory and pushed onward. Inspect course. Adapt course. Doesn’t sound too crazy at first but it’s remarkable when we realize that it’s something like 98% of […]