What To Do When Everything Breaks At The Worst Time

I was working with an Ed Tech client who was having trouble simplifying the on-ramp for new customers. The interface looked friendly, but there were a lot of features and you had to learn a lot of new jargon to really get the benefits. Plus, it was super buggy because they had just pushed a […]

How To Do Anything You Want

There are no tasks, there are only stories. This concept is directly from Jeff Sutherland, one of the creators of Scrum (Agile). Here’s the idea: a “user story” is a way to describe the problem a user (or customer) faces. It’s formatted like this: As a < type of user >, I want < some […]

The Unlikely Lesson My Bike Taught Me About People

I just bought a new bike computer. It’s the little gadget that sits on the handle bars and tells you your speed. Anyway, I opened the box and look what I saw: Do you see this huge piece of paper? Look at the size of it compared to my bike. These are the setup instructions. […]