Read This If You Want To Go Faster

One of the things that makes us efficient with our time is repetition. If we do something for the first time, it’s usually clunky and awkward. After a few practice runs, we get the hang of it, and we become faster at the same motion. This is true if you’re practicing piano, learning to ski, […]

This Choice You Make Will Shape Your Success And Happiness

You know what helps when work gets hard? The team of people around you. This is why we hire for aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit. It’s always a little easier to take failures on the chin when you have others sharing the burden or when they are there to get you back in the fighting […]

The Strange Thing Hotels Do To Keep Customers

For the past two years, I’ve traveled for about 100-150 days per year. This means I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels. There’s this one thing that I’ve noticed about nearly all hotels: It’s the indoor pool. Here’s what’s weird about it: Almost no one uses it. It’s smelly, loud, and there’s always a risk […]