This Bothered Me So Much . . . I Had To Share It

I’m up at night thinking about it.

I’m working all day thinking about it.

I can’t stop myself from talking to others about it.

It’s the one factor that matters more than anything else.

It matters more than hard work, aptitude, attitude, or background.

It’s how much you care.

It’s my life’s work to help people care more.

If people like you just care about other people and the way you spend your time, everything else has the potential to fall into place.

Caring means treating others with respect even when they disrespect you.

Caring means creating or discovering a mission and working toward achieving it.

Caring means doing the right thing even when others around you disagree or reject you.

2 Minute Action

Take your pick. Any of these 2-minute actions will get you started on exhibiting the #1 sign of a person who cares . . . Action.

– Do a quick time audit of your day and cut out something non-essential. This is harder than it sounds.

– Call/Email/Text someone you haven’t gotten along with recently. Reach out with empathy and gratitude. Refrain from expressing your side and just listen to understand.

– Write down some of your goals and ask how these will help others. If they don’t inherently help people, how can you make it so that you both get what you want?

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