Hustle Is Important But Not That Important

Are you familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Quick summary: Abraham Maslow was a Psychologist who was able to illustrate a simple order of human needs that could play a huge role in motivation, emotions, and decision making behavior. Basically, you need your basics met first. Like food and shelter. Then you need your social […]

2 Mindsets That Make (Or Break) People

There are basically two fundamental mindsets you can have. Developmental Mindset Someone with a developmental mindset believes that hard work builds skills and that skills are the fundamental tools for success. Sure we each have talents and are predisposed to natural advantages, but hard work and deliberation are powerful multipliers that propel people to constantly […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have The Skills

It’s not whether you have the skills—you can be taught. It’s not whether you know the right people—you can be introduced. Its about 2 things: Aptitude. Attitude. These translate to: Are you capable of learning the skills and executing the work ethic? And can you do the emotional labor of treating people with respect when […]