Is It Really Your Fault For What You Don’t Know?

It’s not your fault. Well, wait that’s not true. It wasn’t your fault at first, but it’s slowly becoming your fault. You weren’t given the right skill set in school. You didn’t learn how to use a spreadsheet or to balance an operating budget or how to negotiate the scope of a project. It’s not […]

How To Actually Do Less Stuff And Get More Done

Productivity is not about doing more work. It’s not about turning gears faster in a gearbox. And it’s not about the hours you put in. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s about figuring out how to do less work. It’s about shifting gears to apply better leverage. It’s about reducing the time and resources […]

How To See Into The Future And Reduce Work Waste

New York City has 3 days of food supplied. Outside of that, there’s little food storage in the Big Apple. Toyota, Dell, and McDonald’s use a similar system to get their products to consumers. This is called Just In Time inventory and it’s saving a lot of time, dollars, and headache. The caveat is that […]