Why You Need To Work On Labor Day

Since about 1887, we’ve been “celebrating” Labor Day.

But what does that mean?

Of course, we’ve got a national holiday to thank all the American workers on whose backs our country has been built.

Past and present.


But what are we DOING?

If you’re reading this, you made a commitment to action!

You made a commitment to yourself and those around you!

So if we’re serious about our output and our contributions, let us ask:

What does “celebrating” mean?

2 Minute Action

Thank someone, right now, for their work.

It could be your supervisor. It could be an employee. It could be your aunt who is a veteran.

It’s easy to forget that we are all out here grinding, together.

Let’s take action and show some gratitude, today.

Make a selfie video.

Send a text.

It only takes 2 minutes of work, and yes you’re supposed to have the day off, but it means the world.

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