Have You Said This To Yourself And Does This Work For You?

Maybe this will work for me. 

New diet. 

New exercise routine. 

New language learning program. 

Maybe this time, this new way of doing it will work for me. 


But can you guess where I’m going with this?

Maybe this time you need to do the work to make it work. 

Maybe this time, it’s more than just trying something new.

You know you need to eat your fruits and veggies and not too much. 

You know you need to work out everyday. 

You know that if you want to learn a new language or instrument, you just need to practice. 

Stop thinking that a new, shiny thing will motivate you to do the work just because it’s new.

This happens across people and it happens across industries like mine.

It’s a normal human problem.

It’s all in your head. 

And the long-term, sustainable change is all up to you. 

2 Minute Action

Jot down a quick list of the things you think you need to do/have before you get started. 


Look at it again.

Start crossing stuff off. 

Because those are excuses. 

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