Linear Growth vs. Exponential Growth

Everyone wants exponential growth in pretty much every category.

And if we just listened to all the advice on the internet, we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs.

Here’s the tricky thing:

Exponential growth looks a lot like linear growth at first.

In fact, they look the same for a while–but they’re completely different.

Here’s a quick/dirty graph to explain what I mean:

Image result for exponential vs. linear

Just keep this in mind as you move toward your goals. Most effort compounds.

You just have to stick it out long enough to see the results.

If you’re serious, you’ll measure your progress.

If you’re serious, you’ll be patient with yourself.

2 Minute Action

When was the last time you quit?

How do you know if it was a good quit or a premature quit?

One way to tell is by when you quit. Was it before you started or when it got hard?

If you quit in the “Early Stage,” you might want to try again or look honestly at what happened.